Walnut Creek Elementary




Front Row/Left to Right:  Ms. Nelson, Ms. DeLeon

Back row/Left to Right:  Ms. Gregory, Ms. Estrada



Rachel Gregory - ESL Prekindergarten Teacher and Team Leader


gregory.jpgHello everyone! I am currently in my twelfth year of teaching. This is my second year here at Walnut Creek Elementary. My previous years were   also  in  Austin ISD. During my years of teaching I have taught Kindergarten and 1st Grade. The rest of my nine years’ experience is in teaching  Prekindergarten. During my journey to become a teacher I attended college at Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Texas State University,  and   Arlington Baptist College. Once I completed several degree programs I was able to graduate Magna Cum Laude. With the degrees that I achieved I  was   able to receive my certifications from the State of Texas in Early Childhood through 4th Grade with English as a Second Language. While working  with   the little scholars here in Austin ISD I have had the chance to help form them into lifelong learners. I am blessed to be a part of the Walnut Creek  family   and look forward to all of the wonderful things that we will achieve this year and in the years to come!


Audrey Nelson - ESL Prekindergarten Teacher


nelson.jpgAudrey Nelson is an elementary school teacher with AISD. Currently she is teaching pre-k at Walnut Creek Elementary. She began fifteen years ago as a substitute teacher before graduating from Texas State University, San Marcos, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She and her husband of 30 years, together have raised four children. When not in the classroom she enjoys teaching Sunday school, cooking, traveling, and holidays.




Karla Estrada - Bilingual Prekindergarten Teacher


estrada.jpg¡Hola comunidad de Walnut Creek! Yo soy Karla Estrada. Este es mi primer año como maestra bilingüe de prekinder. Nací y fui criada en El Paso, Texas.   Estudié educación bilingüe y me gradué de la Universidad de Texas en Austin. Cuando no estoy en la escuela me gusta hacer pasteles, bailar, y tocar   música.

Hello Walnut Creek community! I’m Karla Estrada. This is my first year as a bilingual prekindergarten teacher. I was born and grew up in El Paso, Texas.   I studied bilingual education at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated May 2016. When I am not at school I love to bake cakes, dance, and   play music.



Marta Henríquez - Bilingual Prekindergarten Teacher


 henriquez.jpgMi nombre es Marta Henríquez, este será mi séptimo año trabajando en la escuela Walnut Creek como maestra de Pre-K, es una gran  responsabilidad   y un placer para mí ser parte de la primera experiencia escolar de sus niños. Mi deseo es tener con los alumnos y sus padres un trato   cordial y de   confianza y contribuir a que Walnut Creek continúe siendo un segundo hogar para sus estudiantes, donde reine la educación, la  seguridad,  la     amistad y el deseo de hacer de nuestros niños exitosos hombre y mujeres del futuro.

My name is Marta Henriquez, I have been working as a Pre-K teacher at Walnut Creek elementary school for the last seven school years. It is a big  responsibility, and a great pleasure at the same time, to be part of the initial experience at school for your children. My desire is to have a cordial  relationship with our students and their parents, build trustfulness, and contribute to making Walnut Creek a second home for them. Our priority is education, maintaining a safe and healthy environment to develop friendship and cultivate the desire to learn making it the base for a successful future.




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